Books, Long-soaking Bubbly Baths and Disasters

Every often I love to unwind or should I say de-stress from a long hardworking day whether it is from the office or my activities. My remedy for this; a long-soaking bubbly bath and a good book. I love reading while taking a bath! And because every time I read a book, I become the character and get transported into the “magical world” of the storyline of the novel, I tend to forget my actual surroundings. So what do you do when disaster strikes like your book slipping out of your hand and your book dropping into your bath-water? Normally you would start to panic or even maybe cry and then you feel like chucking your book in the dustbin. Well rest assured, you can actually save your book. So before you actually think of throwing your book away, follow the tip below as to how to “save” your book from “drowning”.

What you will need:

  • Talc or Corn Flour
  • Shave Brush (Badger Brush)


  • Sprinkle talc or corn flour on the fanned out pages (This will absorb the water).
  • Leave for at least 6 hours and brush off the powder.

Your book should be “water-free” after this care instruction and you can now continue reading happily!

P.S. Just remember, this tip only works if you actually quickly react immediately once your book falls out of your hand and into the water…

Image source here


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