Faceless by Martina Cole


Marie Carter, a prostitute and drug addict was convicted of killing her two best friends under the influence of drugs and she paid the price by being jailed. Because of her crime, her parents disowned her, her children wants nothing to do with her and she has no friends. After being in prison for eleven years, Marie gets parole

Marie can’t remember the night she committed the murder. All she remembers is that she had a huge argument with her two friends and the next thing she remembers is waking up in her flat with the murder weapon full of blood with her fingerprints all over it and her two friends laying dead in their pools of blood not far from where she is laying.

When she gets parole, she seeks to uncover the truth about what really happened eleven years ago and the reason why she would kill her two best friends who was her only true friends. But the rival families of those Marie is accused of murdering wants to take revenge and this leads into violence erupting.

This novel is hard to put down once you start reading it. It is gripping with a very good twist at the end. The novel is about friendship, betrayal and revenge. The author, Martina Cole, keeps you in suspense until the end of the novel. The genre is mystery/thriller.

A friend of mine recommended this novel to me. She said that she really enjoyed reading it. This is someone who is not that fond of reading or even goes all “gaga” over books like me. This novel was worth reading. I would definitely give it 4 out of 5.

This is what the media had to say about Faceless:

“Gritty novel from an author who knows intimately the world she writes about” – Daily Express

“Set to be another winner” – Woman’s Weekly

“Distinctive and powerfully written fiction” – The Times

“Intensely readable” – Guardian


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