High Noon by Nora Roberts

So I am a sucker for novels where the female is the lead character in a storyline especially when it has a kick-ass storyline similar to High Noon. I loved reading this novel due to the suspense, thriller and if you guessed it, the fact that the main character is a woman.

In all honesty, I started off slow reading this novel. Where it normally takes me a day to finish a 600 to 800 page novel, it took me just so under a week but mainly because of all my other activities I do on a daily basis that threw me off track from reading this novel as I would normally read any other novel.

The storyline is not typical whereby the storyline gets predictable, it keeps you guessing and makes you sit and think and then you end up mentally building up a suspect list. I actually started writing down my suspects and their motives and as I read along, I start scratching them off one by one and then again adding some back on the list again. Yes, that is me being totally involved in my reading.

The main character of this novel, Phoebe MacNamara, is a police Lieutenant and single mom of a seven year old girl who happens to be the top hostage negotiator in a town called Savannah.  Phoebe decided that she wanted to become a negotiator at a young age when her mother’s ex-boyfriend who became very violent and unstable, broke into their home and kept her, her mom and brother hostage and terrorize them for hours. Her mother has become agoraphobic because of this incident and years later, are still traumatized by it.

One day Phoebe gets called in to talk a man from committing suicide as he wanted to jump the roof at the building where he works as a bartender. She coaxes him down from the roof ledge. Duncan, the owner of the bar gets attracted to her and starts pursuing Phoebe.

Phoebe already has a lot to deal with at home being a single mom and having to take care of her agoraphobic mom (who has never set foot outside of her house for years). She starts getting problems at work with a trainee police officer. Then one day at work, she gets grabbed by a man who throws a hood over her head and brutally assaults her.

The she starts getting threatening messages at home. She now has to find out who assaulted her and who is sending her threatening messages. Quite a few things go wrong at her next few negotiations as this mystery person is “pulling strings” at these hostage negotiations. She learns this “faceless” tormentor is determine to make her a hostage to fear and is out to destroy her, professionally and personally.

The writing is surprisingly good and it is one of Nora Roberts’ best novels. The storyline is believable. An action packed romantic thriller that grips you from the start and is full of suspense and thriller till the very end of the novel. This is a novel definitely worth reading.

Nora Roberts is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 190 novels

“Women are addicted to her novels as chocoholics are to Godiva. Roberts is a superstar.” – New York Times

I would rate this novel  3.9 out of 5.

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