Five Reasons to fall inlove with bookstores

Walking into a bookstore is like walking into another world. A world full of wonder and awe… Then that moment you pick up that “special” book that you know in your heart was meant for you, specially written for you by the author. And then that magical moment when you open up the book and read the first few sentences and you find yourself transported into the story of the book, everything around you forgotten.

Every time I go into a bookstore I have to mentally drag myself out of there. One day I was more or less late for a movie date because I could not get myself to walk out of a bookstore, lol. If I were to ever find myself in any of the bookstores below, I would probably have to be escorted out by security for not wanting to leave…

Here’s five reasons to fall inlove with a bookstore:

The largest independently owned and operated outdoor bookstore in California, U.S.A. What a wonderful way to spend your time outside. (Bart’sBooks)

The largest professional children’s book publishing company in Japan. What kid would not love reading books from this bookstore…? Never mind just kids, any bookworm, young or old! With the colourful and funky architecture and cool reading areas, it is a very smart way to get kids to read. One is sure to become a magical character from one of the books, living in the storyline. (Kid’s Republic)


Teatro Gran Splendid movie theatre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that was built in the 1920’s that got converted into a magical bookstore. This bookstore has a café and music section and the theatre boxes serves as a reading area. What a way to get lost in the magical world of books time and time again.

This bookstore in Italy specialises in contemporary art books and catalogues. Not only books can be found among its shelves but also music CDs, vinyls or DVDs with a selection of auteur films. They also have a section where you can buy all kinds of products related to art and graphic design. The architecture is cutting edge and modern and the dramatic curved ceiling and the predominance of white helps shape the style. (Bookàbar)

This old Dominican church in Netherlands was converted into this majestic bookstore, Boekhandel Selexyz Dominicanen. What booklover won’t be in awe and mesmerized of this bookstore with its fourteenth century technique of mural painting. Not only would a booklover love this bookstore but any person who has a love for the arts.

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