The boy who came back from Heaven by Kevin Malarkey and Alex Malarkey

If ever there was a book that pulled at my heart strings and made me cry, I would say it is “The boy who came back from Heaven”. When I was done reading this book all I could think was WOW. This novel is heart-breaking but yet inspirational. It is powerful and teaches you about love, faith, humanity and never losing hope. So what makes this book different from all the other that teaches you all those personal attributes you would ask and I would say that the fact that you easily can feel the pain in each word chapter by chapter. And not only is this novel for believers but for any person who has a heart and who has a caring nature.

When I was done reading I started telling my family members and some of my friends about this book and everyone wanted to read it. So far my sister, my brother and two of my friends read this book and their reaction to the story was basically similar to mine.

So do I believe in angels, Heaven, God and the devil? Yes I do as my faith leads me to believe but if ever I did not believe, this book would have been sure made me re-think my beliefs when it comes to religion.

So here’s a little write up on the book:

Kevin Malarkey and his then 6 year old son, Alex Malarkey suffered a horrific accident in 2004. The accident paralyzed Alex and doctors said that it is unlikely that Alex will survive.  He went into a coma and awoke from his coma two months later. He then had an incredible story to share, about the events at the accident scene and at the hospital during his time that he was in his coma, of the angels that took him through the gates of Heaven and his meeting with Jesus. He vividly explains all these happenings in detail.

To give you an insight as to some of the happenings that Alex saw at the accident scene when he was unconscious scene and during the time he was in a coma at the hospital when he was taken to heaven:

  • Five angels carrying his father outside the car. Four angels were carrying the body and one angel was supporting his head and neck. (the police report said Kevin Malarkey was ejected from the car)
  • The devil sitting in the front seat of the car telling Alex that he is the cause of the accident.
  • His father was in heaven too, but only for a short time.
  • Alex saw the five angels that carried his father’s body outside the car. The five angels stayed with Alex so his father could have time alone with God. Kevin prayed to God to trade places with Alex but God told him no. God sent his father’s spirit back to earth and Alex remained in heaven. God told him that he would heal him later on earth to bring more glory to His (God’s) name.
  • While in the emergency room Alex watched everything that was going on from the ceiling. Jesus was standing right there beside him and Alex felt safe and was not afraid to die.
  • While in the emergency room Alex saw 150 pure, white angels with who were all calling his name. Then a while later they told Alex to go back.  Alex did go back and Jesus went with him and held him during his time in the emergency room.
  • Alex found himself in the presence of God. God had a human-like body but a lot bigger. Alex was only allowed to see God from the neck down because the Bible says anyone who looks on the face of God dies.
  • There is an inner heaven and an outer heaven . The outer heaven has a hole that leads to hell.
  • Colourful and beautiful things to see, as well as beautiful music and heaven is a lot like earth but just more perfect than earth.
  • Angels  are white, have wings, are are sexless. Some angels are short, some 2 feet tall and others much taller. There are different types of angels who has different purpose.
  • There are lots of buildings in heaven, but Alex only really noticed the Temple and God never leaves his throne in the Temple. There is a scroll in a glass container that only Jesus can read.

While reading this book, I have found myself wondering what it felt like to be Alex, experiencing what he did by seeing, angels, Jesus and the devil. Any six year old would be scared but yet he wasn’t and I also found myself wondering how I would have loved experiencing what he did.  It is sad though that he experienced it all under such traumatic circumstances and yet, he feels blessed and made peace with the fact that the accident happened and made him paralyzed.

You can find pictures of the accident and the time Alex spend in hospital and the support of many people, family members, to friends to strangers, pictures of Alex’s X-Rays showing the the extent of his injuries and some of his pictures after he recovers from his operation. Alex was the first child in the world to have received the “Christopher Reeves” surgery.

What is so amazing about this book is, as you read, you can actually see heaven and how earth is perceived from heaven through Alex’s eyes. And once you done reading this book, you will see new insights on miracles, life beyond and how powerful a father’s love can be and what it can do. Kevin’s writing just transported me into his ever-lasting faith, the challenges this accident brought upon not just him but his entire family and how much value there is in a supportive community. This is one of those novels that you just refuse to stop reading until the very end.

I rate this novel 5 out of 5.

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12 thoughts on “The boy who came back from Heaven by Kevin Malarkey and Alex Malarkey

  1. I believe this book touches on the fact that God reveals to the smallest and most innnocent of creatures the wonders and glory of His Kingdom. Surely, poor Alex will have a long road ahead of him being a parapelegic for the rest of his natural earthly life.

    Yet, one thing that Alex has which most of us don’t is small glimpse of Heaven. I myself witinessed a portion of Heaven’s glory while in my twenties. I was forever changed. My mind and heart became renewed in the way I look at the world. Surely, there is a great deal of evil around us, this only supports the fact that there most beauty a glorious beauty which awaits us after the termination of this life. Now in Alex’s case I think this message is God’s way of telling the world, “Hey wake up and smell the coffee–I do exist!” Truth be told some whom are skeptical and point to the fact that God cannot exist because He cannopt be proven. Does this not support the fact even more that He surely ust exist because His very existence cannot be.proven. God exists outside of time and space. God totally intrinsical at all times of both our fear, our joys temptations and every other emotion which we have can come at any moments notice to aid and accompany the spirit of the person whom is either ready to pass or is, what you might call; “A temporary visitor.”

    In Alex’s case God knew forthright that this boy would become crippled because of the evnt, yet God placed upon his heart and mind the courage to get through it all with this blessing of His presence. Soem people become maimed physical others become quickened mentally and emotionally. In Paul (Saul of Tarsus) he was afflicated by God with a thorn in the side to not become too haughty (pride swollen of the experience). In my own very case I was given an affliction of the heart–a blessing of tears. A sadness yet also a glory of God. A blessing which is too much for the receipant yet never to little for God in His unyielding genorsity.

    No why does God give these to certain people and not to others. I could lament over the question for years, but I will explain it in a few simple words, “God does what He does because He can!”

    Alex you are truly blessed by God. Never, ever forget that. Sure you are different from others although only from a physical perspective. Other children can walk and you cannot. Yet, you soar with angels daily. You are lifted and comforted daily by the very loving hand of God.. And this is a blessing; truly one of the greatest blessings for which God can bestow upon any man, woman or child.

    • Thank you for your beautiful comment. You could not have said it any better. I believe Alex is one special boy, not because he survived the car crash but he got to see angels and Jesus and maybe it is not right for me to say this but I do feel envious.
      I nearly drowned 14 years ago but someone or something saved me that day. I believe it was an angel with big hands as the hands were the only thing I felt that pushed me on my back upwards towards the surface. Then when I turned around to thank the person, there were absolute no-one around me. The only other people in the pool were on the other side on the edge of the pool which was more than 15 metres away from me… If ever you wish to tell me your story, I would appreciate it.
      Not too long ago, I told one of my best friends that this happens to be one of my favourite books. I wish I could meet Alex in person. If ever I find myself in the States one day, Columbus, Ohio, would definitely be on my list of places to go.

    • Thanks for the comment Samuel, and for the beautiful testimonial. If only Alex could see your last paragraph…

      I guess I now have to read the book…. 🙂

  2. I started reading the 1st few lines and then went straight to the end of the post to the last 2 lines, I dont want to know what happens or who it involves until I buy the book 🙂 you got be interested in the 1st 2 – 3 lines 🙂

  3. I should’ve done that too Chantal! I was ‘almost teary’ when reading this post for TWO reasons:
    1 – it sounds like a beautiful inspiring story
    2 – I shouldn’t have read the post cos now I know too much
    But that won’t stop me from reading the book.

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