Accused by Mark Gimenez

I am a self-proclaimed book-worm and I am very fond of reading crime/thriller/legal novels. I am a follower of Mark Gimenez as he writes exceptional crime novels and I am always intrigued by his novels. I literally finished this book in one day as it was hard for me to put it down.

My thoughts:

Once again, Mark Gimenez does not fail his avid readers/fans.  This novel has many surprises and twists and it is very hard to put down.  You cannot wait to turn the page to see where the story is heading to.  Gimenez’ court room scenes are the best, it is gripping and tense and it feels like you are there in the courtroom and that you are a juror, a DA, the judge or just a spectator in that case…

Accused is a sequel to “The Color of Law” another novel who happens to be just as good but I will not go into The Color of Law that is another review for another day.  We come to learn about the characters in this novel from The Color of Law so they no strangers to us in this sequel.

I don’t know how Gimenez does it, just when you thought that you have read his best novel, you end up reading a novel that is equally good if not better. Even with 562 pages and being quite a long crime thriller, the novel is in no way a tedious journey.

This novel is has few predictable moments but most of the time the novel is unpredictable and keeps you thinking and guessing right up till the epilogue. He has the ability to write in such a captivating manner that it keeps you hooked and wanting more chapter by chapter. Also, you can easily establish a connection with the main character as the novel gives you an insight to the character’s feelings and thoughts.

Gimenez has been compared to John Grisham but in all fairness, they both have their own styles of writing and even though they write the same genre, each author has their own credibility for their own work.


Rebecca Fenney walked out of A.Scott’s life and their daughter, Barbara’s (but she liked to be called Boo) lives almost 2 years ago. She left them for her golf trainer who happens to be a pro golfer, Trey Rawlins and never looked back did not even make contact with her daughter. Then 22 months later she calls up Scott and needs him to defend her against a murder charge.

Rebecca is accused of murdering her boyfriend, Trey Rawlins, the man she left Scott for. Trey was found murdered at his beach house with a butcher knife stuck in his chest and it has Rebecca’s fingerprints all over the murder weapon.  Authorities refuse to investigate other suspects as they believe Rebecca is guilty. Scott decides to defend his ex-wife due to many reasons but also mainly for his daughter. He then heads up to Galveston with his team and starts investigating. Scott digs discovers that Trey had a lifestyle that cost him his life and Scott’s life get threaten in the process.

What the Media has to say about “Accused”:

“Some critics are calling the Texas-based lawyer Mark Gimenez ‘the next Grisham’—but I think that’s far less than fair. This, his fifth novel and the second featuring attorney A. Scott Fenney, shows he’s now better than the one-time master of the American courtroom drama. . . . One of the best legal thrillers since Scott Turow’s Presumed Innocent in 1987. . . . Superb.” – Daily Mail (UK).

“Brilliant writing, masterful plot and all the thrill of the courtroom in one.” – City AM (UK)

“A gripping read with unexpected twists that ranks with anything Grisham has done in years.” – The Times (UK)

“Gimenez writes smart vernacular dialogue, hip and street-wise, with a nice line in social commentary, and his plotting leaves the over-rated John Grisham in his rear-vision mirror.” –The Australian

“Unputdownable.” – The Times of India

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