The mystery of buying books

I promised myself that I wouldn’t over-kill it by posting more than one post a day… but seriously, this could not wait… How many times did we go the shop or mall with a mission in mind, knowing what you are going for but end up going home without the things that you planned to buy but ended up with something that was so not on your shopping list?

So off to the mall I go on my lunch break from work, I work around the corner less than 5 minutes’ walk from Canal Walk, the third biggest mall in Africa, planning on browsing around to  give me an idea on what I can buy my mom for her birthday gift.  I then entered the mall through Entrance 6 and what do you know…Bargain Books Bookstore situated on the right hand side at that entrance and on top of it, they were having a sale on half of their books that they have in the bookstore!  I obviously can’t ignore and walk on as if I didn’t notice the bookstore…what book lover behaves like that?!

mystery of buying books

I felt like a kid walking into Toys R Us. There were books everywhere it made my head spin and at that moment I felt a wave of sadness wash over me, sad because I wish that I could buy all the books around me and then I snapped out of it and told myself that I need to do what I came for and that I only had an hour then I have to be back at work. So slowly I had to mentally force myself out of the bookstore. As I walked out I stopped abruptly in the doorway and for some reason I felt like I was being pulled back inside by some invisible rope tied around my waist or something and I could feel myself floating back into the bookstore (ok I should stop reading these mystery haunted thrillers).

But still with so many books to choose from, I couldn’t find the one book I wanted. At this stage I did not even know what book I was looking for. I just knew when I see it, I will know. Then I started with my search for the one book I will walk out with before heading back to work. You would think that not knowing what you searching for would actually be difficult but for some reason not this search.

This one table were packed full of books (the sale section), books stacked upon each other, you literally have to build a mountain of books on the other side of the table to get to the books at the bottom of the one side and do the same on the other side. So I dig through the pile and smiling back at me was The Midnight Palace of Carlos Ruiz Zafón and I knew in my heart I have found the book that I was unknowingly looking for. I felt like a kid waking up on a Christmas morning, with Christmas carols playing on the CD player and the smell of Soul Food drifting in the air that will be Christmas lunch and then you pull back your covers run out of your room to the Christmas tree and you see our gifts and then that delight of opening up all your gifts, that is pure BLISS!!! Well that was how I felt when I found my book.

An hour later, I left the bookstore with my purchase. Some people would think that it is an hour wasted; I would say that is an hour well spent by default LOL.  And who knows the mystery of buying books…it might have been the book that has found me instead of me finding the book.

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5 thoughts on “The mystery of buying books

  1. It definitely is a mystery! I haven’t bought books in a while – physical books that is – but I know that at a time I spend a huge amount of money monthly on just buying books and yet I cannot justify it (especially if I haven’t read them yet).

    But yes – sometimes it just draws you in.

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