Taking books and reading to another level – IDEO’s future for books

So I came across a really cool video about the future of books. By now most of you have probably seen or heard about IDEO’s vision for digitized books.

In my previous discussion about Kindle vs Physical Book, I am not entirely convince in getting myself a kindle as yet but thinking about it every now and then, I possibly might end up buying myself one and also it has become inevitable that books are becoming more digitized in today’s technology driven world. But just when I was slowly coming around to terms with buying a kindle, I get thrown off course completely by IDEO – design-innovation Consultancy Company, by their three concepts for digitizing books.

As a reader, how would you like it to have access to innovative ways to telling stories; see on-going discussions and debates around reading material, start book clubs and suggest books easily to your network?

So meet Nelson , Coupland and Alice…


  • You can discover writings based on the impact they had on popularity, opinions or debates
  • You can get additional information on material being read and Nelson allows you to see on-going discussions.
  • You can also check the reliability of the sources of the material.

For me, I would think that Nelson would be great for students who are busy doing their thesis.



  • Helps determine key reading material based on your professional networks
  • You can get an overview of all the popular reads within that network
  • You can access your colleagues reading lists and you can recommend books
  • You can start book clubs and join discussion related to the books

For me, I would say Coupland is great for book lovers who would love to join a book club or book bloggers.



  • Invites readers to engage in the story telling process
  • As you actively participate, the stories unfold and develop
  • You can add and contribute to the story
  • Communicate with characters
  • Find keys to unlock twists and plots in the story
  • You can gain access to secret events, character back-stories and new chapters.

Alice is an actual cool way to introduce young learners to reading and storytelling. It will also make for a fun family reading experience. I would love to have Alice As I have a very active and over imaginative mind when it comes to reading and books.


And if all what I just told you did not amaze you then check out the video by clicking the link below and maybe it will:


Images soure here


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