Do you remember your first book you ever read?

Does anyone ever forget their first book? I started reading at a tender age, that was when my eldest brother introduced me to my first book in 1989 called “Boet en Saartjie” an Afrikaans book that was a prescribed book at the primary schools in my district.

The book, Boet en Saartjie, we got to read as a Grade 1 student.

My brother would sit with my sister and help her with her homework and her reading, at the time he was on high school and my sister was in Grade 2. I would sit with them while he lets her read to him and he would obviously ask her questions related to what she read as to see if she understands what she is reading. And because I heard the story so many times, I could recite it  already and that’s when my brother decided to help me with my reading which was much to my delight!

So he would first run through the alphabet with me, then he would take the vowels and explained them to me and so he would do with adjectives, verbs, etc. prepping me for my reading lesson with him. I was such an eager learner: :p

At the time Boet en Saartjie was the most wonderful story to read, little to know years later I will discover the works of authors who writes beautiful beyond what words can’t even describe. I remember when I would look at books that has 200 pages and no pictures, it would scare me just holding the book but then again I was not even ten yet, lol.

So when I started Grade 1, my reading was more than above average compared to the rest of the students that was in my class. Oh, I did not mention this but “Boet en Saartjie” was part of a series called “Die Goue Reeks” and this series went up to book eight or maybe book nine (I must really scratch my brain now to think how many books this series has). Anyway, so the time I got to Grade 3, I could read books meant for a Grade 6 student. I just wanted to read everything I could get my hands on. And this is how I developed my love for books 🙂

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