A Saturday morning well spent

I decided to take part in the Goodreads challenge for 2013 and set myself up for 50 books to read for the year. With approximately 54 weeks in the year, it means I have to read about 1 book a week. I only finished one book thus far which I officially started reading on (10th of Jan). So now I am contemplating if I shouldn’t maybe push the number up to 100 books but I will see how I do in the next month or two and then decide whether I should change the number of books in the challenge. Then I wondered how am I gonna manage 50 books let alone 100 with work being so hectic, then on top of it I have my piano lessons, my dance classes and I have studies lurking up on me for the year… The one way I could conquer this challenge is to make use of my biggest resource, the public libraries.

So on Saturday morning, I aborted the idea of lying in late and got myself ready to go to our public library that is about a, 10 min walk from my house. Entering the library, any library, has the same affect to me as to how people would describe “Love at first sight”. My heart skips beats, I feel weak in my knees and a warmth rush of feeling takes over my body. I then explored every Fiction and Non-Fiction section aisle by aisle, picking up almost every novel and reading the back cover or jackets, stroking the spine of the novels as I pass the shelves until I found the ones meant for me to read.

I ended up getting ‘An Angel set me free’ by Dorothy Chitty (Non Fiction), ‘6th Target’ by James Patterson (Fiction) and ‘The Confession’ by John Grisham (Fiction). So that’s a sneak preview as to what my next few reviews will be all about, lol…

A Saturday morning well spent1

My awesome three books I borrowed from Athlone Public Library in Cape Town

Athlone library might not be listed as one of the top or best libraries in the world but there’s one thing I love about Athlone library that makes it cozy and awesome in my eyes is the little outdoor reading quad where you can go and relax and read your book. It feels like heaven on earth. See pics below:

A Saturday morning well spent2

View 1: Little outdoor reading quad

A Saturday morning well spent3

View 2: Little outdoor reading quad

If I follow this strategy by making a trip to our local library once a week, I might possibly make the challenge to 100 books but as I said, let’s see in the next month or two. This also means more reviews for the blog 😛

I would say it has been a Saturday morning well spent!


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