An Angel set me free by Dorothy Chitty

An Angel Set me Free

About the author:

Dorothy is a gifted medium who has given spiritual readings for over 30 years and has become one of the most sought after-psychic experts.

Chitty opens up her novel by telling her readers when she realized she could see spirits as hat it was like growing up as a child with a gift like that. She also describes a few of her experiences when these spirits or angels come visit her.

Further in the novel she shares the stories of people who came to her looking for guidance and to help them understand these spiritual encounters. These people gave her permission to use their stories for her novel and some has alias names as they wish to remain anonymous. Often these people have encounters with their deceased loved ones or from people they have never met in their lives before. She also talks about when angels speak through children to bring the message across to adults.

A very interesting book with awesome true stories. I have found the novel to be fascinating and quite easy to read. Some stories left me amazed.

Some of the stories she shares with us:

  • A woman who heard her deceased mom told her to lock her car doors (she had a huge sum of money on the floor of the passenger seat that she was about to deposit), she lock the doors and seconds later she was almost robbed at a red robot when a guy on a motorbike start pulling on her car door.
  • A man who was hiking in the mountain with a friend heard his deceased father told him to still and not to move and seconds later an “Eastern Brown snake” (the world’s second most venomous snake) slithered over his bare leg.
  • About a family who missed the ferry to get back home from their holiday only to hear that the ferry sank and 193 people died. They missed the ferry because the mom heard her deceased mom tell her not to hurry back and to take their time.
  • A mom had a dream of a boy dying in a motorbike accident and her deceased mom was telling her not to buy it at least twice. The next day her son told her he put a deposit on for a motorbike. The mom described the motorbike and the boy was astonished. He ended up not buying that exact bike but his friend did and a month later, the friend died in a motorbike accident due to mechanical failure.
  • A woman was on her way home on a very cold day from taking her sons to school and oh her way, she saw tiny lambs on the field opposite the news agent. She was about to cross over to the field when she heard her deceased father’s voice telling her to go buy the paper and she was about to ignore it and then she heard his voice again, clear and angry telling her to buy the paper so she turned around to go buy the paper and then she heard a screeching sound of brakes and a loud cluttering sound. The truck had skidded and a huge pile of logs strapped on the back came loose and had fallen off on the spot where she was planning to stand. When she got home, she found a white feather in between the pages of the paper (a white feather indicates that an angel was around)

An excerpt taken from the Chapter, “The Angels we don’t recognize”:

“When guardian angels come into our lives, is often quite a dramatic experience, one that you will never forget. That‘s what happened to me on the cliff top when the two pairs of angelic hands lifted me back from almost certain death and deposited me out of harm’s way on the other side of a barbed wired fence. After it happened, there was no question in mind that it must have been angels.”

In 1999 I had a similar experience but I was saved from drowning by a pair of angelic hands (big hands that covered my entire back but yet it was gentle) that pushed me up out of the water . At first I was panicking and then I realize I am busy dying and not long after I have sort of given up trying to save myself, I felt the hands and then I felt relieve and knew I was going to be ok. When I reached the surface and when I turned around to thank the ‘person’, there was no one in the pool but me. So do I believe that there are guardian angels that look out for us? Yes I do!


3 thoughts on “An Angel set me free by Dorothy Chitty

    • I have seen a couple of episodes on the dish (I somehow kept on missing it from time to time though) but the ones I did, left me thinking a lot. I believe more so now due to my own personal experience.
      Maybe some people put a spin on their stories as you will get people who will do that but you can see and hear the ones that are not genuine and the ones that really experienced these spiritual/supernatural encounters.

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