Copycat by Erica Spindler

“They called him the Sleeping Angel Killer”


This was one sick and twisted storyline. I was really disgusted as to how these little girls get murdered. Just when I thought that I know who might be the killer, something happened that threw me off completely. Fortunately for me, the storyline was not predictable and it was not that easy to figure out who the killer was.

However, I have to say, I could pick up that either the killer was well familiar with the law or how the law works in terms of how forensics work as this person left no clues and also when I read further into the novel, I picked up a clue that confirmed my suspicion but I still did not have any idea who the killer was.

At some stage the two main characters Kitt and Mary, annoyed me as they could not get passed their own personal issues with each other and themselves to actually solve the case and in my opinion, they missed a lot of clues that could have been picked up if they were matured enough to work with each other from the beginning but I guess that this is what the author intended obviously and then later in the storyline they started putting their issues aside for the time being to actually  work properly together on the case.

The little girls were not the killer’s only victim but the killer was tormenting Kitt by playing mind games with her. Making her think that she is not competent to solve this case due to what happened a few years back when she tried to solve the case then.

I enjoyed reading this novel and it kept my interest from the beginning till the very last page.

Synopsis on back cover:

Five years ago, three little girls were murdered in their beds, posed like sleeping angels by a twisted killer.

With no witnesses and no clues, Detective Kitt Lundgren was forced to look on helplessly – taunted by a psychopath proud of his “perfect crimes”.

Now the Sleeping Angel Killer is back.

Traumatised by the original murders and viewed by colleagues as a washed-up-has-been, Lundgren is overlooked for the case. Bt only she notices that there’s something different about this new rash of killings – a tiny variation that opens up terrifying new possibilities…


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