10th Anniversary by James Patterson

Usually Patterson’s novels have two different stories that normally connect to the other closer to the end but in this one, there are two different stories that do not connect to each other at all.

Let me tell you by saying that it was kind of hard writing this review without giving away anything and spoiling it for the rest… I normally hate spoilers especially by novels written by favourite authors.

10th Anniversary by James Patterson

So let me begin with the first part of the novel, the teenage girl who was left for dead and her newborn baby nowhere to be found. Firstly I was thinking who could be so sick that drugs a woman that she is not aware of what is happening to her and also drugs her to make her go into labour and give birth and just take the baby? I was more annoyed with the girl when she was not cooperative with the detectives in trying to help find her baby. Who would not want their baby to be found, unless you hiding something. The reason for the baby being missing is actually very sad and quite terrible.

The other part of the story was about a doctor, a surgeon in particular who’s on trial for murdering her husband. Both she and her husband had affairs as the marriage faded out some years back but they only stayed together for the sake of the children. Question was why she killed her husband when they both knew they were seeing other people in their marriage and were not bothered by it. But as the trial scene unfolds I got to see who killed her husband and what the motive was. All I will say is that the motive for the kill was justifying on a personal level but yet lawfully wrong. It was quite sad and yet relatable and understandable. I remember at a stage I was so angry and yet disgusted and glad how events turned out at the end.

This novel was fast-paced and in no way dragging. Once again, I enjoyed Patterson’s writing style.

Publishers Write-Up:

Detective Lindsay Boxer’s long-awaited wedding becomes a distant memory when she is called to investigate horrendous crime: a badly injured teenage girl is left for dead, and her newborn baby is nowhere to be found. Lindsay discovers that not only is there no trace of the criminals – but that the victim may be keeping secrets.

At the same time, Assistant District Attorney, Yuki Castellano is prosecuting the biggest case of her life – a woman who has been accused of murdering her husband in front of her two young children. Yuki’s career rests on a guilty verdict, so when Lindsay finds evidence that could save the defendant, she is forced to choose. Should she trust her best friend or follow her instinct?


5 thoughts on “10th Anniversary by James Patterson

  1. This reminds me of “Plain Truth” by Jodi Picoult. About the the Amish woman. I know I gave you the book, but not sure if you read it?

    Remember I have your copy? I will read it soon and will give you my thoughts 🙂

    • I actually did not read Plain Truth yet. But as soon as I ran out of all my books that I am busy reading, I will get to it. You must look out for one of my upcoming reviews of Faithless by Karin Slaughter, that book reminded me of Amish people in general.

      I will wait for your thoughts 🙂

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