Mel is flying Solo!!!!


So my best friend and co-author and editor of B&W decided after careful consideration that it is time to separate our book reviews and create identities for ourselves. In other words, Mel decided to open up her own book blog. At first I was taken aback mainly because she has become such an integral part of B&W that I felt a great sadness letting her go, I am still feeling sad but I really understand where she is coming from and I really do want to support her.Β  So after lots of fighting (on my side mostly) and tears and trying to keep on to her, not wanting to let her go, I have decided to let her go and respect her decision.

I have really valued her input on B&W and I suppose it is always hard to let go of someone especially when that person has been a huge part of a project with you and in my case B&W.

If you also haven’t noticed by now and seen that there are posts missing on B&W, I have also decide to let Mel take all her reviews she has posted on B&W and have it transferred to her new blog. As I told Mel, I did not feel comfortable keeping her reviews, so I was kind enough for her to keep them πŸ™‚

However, I do wish her well with her new endeavour and I just want to say all the best!!!!

So please do support her by visiting and following Mel @ The Book Musings


24 thoughts on “Mel is flying Solo!!!!

  1. Thanks very much for the lovely post and the “link love”

    Sad to go, but I hope that both of us will grow. Hopefully each having their own blog, we can showcase our unique personalities better πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you Celeste for the notification! Good luck, Mel, I’ll miss you and see you in about a nanosecond on your new blog, so, just . . . just hold it together until I get there. I will follow *both* of you. Thank you for all you did on Bookshelves and Windowseats, from my brief involvement it looks like a really good blog. I feel so distressed. I have abandonment issues. Change is so alarming. I know what you are going through, Celeste. Hang in there, I’m still with you. Email me. We can be a support group for each other. Ok. Bye now. Hugs.

  3. I’m sure it is tough but it’s also good to know you have another blog you can collaborate with and share with! Allison @ The Book Wheel and I do it. We could never do a blog together because we have different views on our blogs but we can compromise and do some blogging stuff together (like our book club for In the Woods and a few secret things coming soon!).

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