Breakneck by Erica Spindler

This novel was all about a cyber-crime – hacking into bank accounts and “stealing” people’s money, a serious BIG sum of money. And about a murderer killing people, who gets into “contact” with the money, almost in an execution style.  People would kill easy for the love of money…

Breakneck-Erica Spindler

There was a stage; I think it was when I studied towards my National Diploma in IT: Programming and Networking, especially when we had to read binary and decode binary numbers, that I had a huge fascination for hacking, but not actually doing the activity but more so the fascination for numbers and coding and the inner working of a hacker’s mind. But for some reason I DON’T really like crime novels about cybercrime – hacking. I always seem to find it lacking.

So for me this was not my best crime novel I have ever read, maybe also not the worst because I have to give credit for not being able to conclude who the killer was till almost very nearly to the end. Or I suspected the person more closely mid-way through the novel but had no real solid evidence to back-up my own suspicion.

Spindler also uses the same characters, Kitt Lundgren and M.C. Riggio from her novel Copycat (check out the review) as this is part of a series. In this novel Spindler writes convincingly about cybercrime and admits that it was actually out of her comfort zone for a storyline.

So with all this said, this novel did not really excite me as much as all the other crime ones I have been reading in the past weeks and would not also be on my list of top ten favourite crime novels. Although it was not really a waste of my time reading this novel,  I feel that I could have delayed reading this novel by first reading the ones I have wanted to actually read first

But hey, maybe it will be very much appealing to another reader 🙂

Publishers Write-Up:

Detective duo MC Riggio and Kitt Lundren face a monstrous serial killer unlike any other…

Detective MC Riggio is about to get married. In her late twenties, she is at a crossroads in her life. After a lot of knocks, it seems as though everything is on track for her.

But then MC’s cousin Tommy is brutally murdered and suddenly nothing will be the same again. A cold. Emotionless serial killer is on the loose; someone who kills cleanly and without leaving any trace. A killer who has the potential to rip apart MC’s family – and to leave her dreams torn to shreds.

MC must use her grief to fuel the hunt for Tommy’s killer. With her detective partner Kitt Lundgren she embarks on a desperate race against time to find the killer before he strikes again…


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