Faithless by Karin Slaughter


Faithless by Karin Slaughter

So the characters of A faint Cold Fear is back (see my review on A Faint Cold Fear) and this time much more evolved… Just imagine being scared to death. I can only imagine how horrible it can be.

Firstly I don’t think I would ever want to see someone who has been scared to death, just imagining the look of horror on the victim’s face can be quite haunting and even though Slaughter does not describe much of the face, you could pick up, sense from how she does describe it, you can actually visualise a picture which did not sit well with me as I did not wanted to get that picture.

At first I believe the murder was due to a ritualistic act or even a religious cult as the characters that have been pointed out as the suspects are all religious and come across as very guarded people that have set beliefs and do not have an open-mind to the “outside” world as they live a very sheltered life from how people would normally live. One character in particular named Cole was very shady as I felt that he used the work of God to manipulate everyone else around him.

I also found the family of the victim to be very strange and I actually told myself that the murderer is either Cole (for his strange behaviour) or one of the family members. I know families have secrets in general but this family is a different kind of messed up with secrets.

There are also parts of the novel I find to be totally sad and that is that the men in the family of the victim do not see females as equals and belief that women are below them. The other thing that made me see is the amount of abuse one woman in particular has to endure from her husband and mainly because she does not believe that she could live a better life than what she currently has due to her past circumstances and experiences. And yet I felt anger think how weak this woman is (I know it is only fiction) and the fact that she is allowing the abuse. Also mothers are seen as being a protector in general but I felt disgusted when I read how Mary, one of the characters, knew that her daughter was being done wrong to but choose not to believe her own daughter over the word of a guy who happened to be a family friend. What kind of mother does that? Even if you child lies, it is still a mother’s responsibility to find out the truth…

Publishers Write-Up:

A walk in the woods takes a sinister turn for police chief, Jeffrey Tolliver and medical Examiner Sara Linton when they stumble across the body of a young girl. Incarcerated in the ground, all the initial evidence indicates that she has quite literally, been scared to death.

But as Sara embarks on the autopsy, something even more horrifying comes to light. Something which shocks even her. Detective Lena Adams, talented but increasingly troubled, is called from vacation to help with the investigation – and the trail soon leads to the neighbouring county, an isolated community and a terrible secret…

There are some twists to throw your thinking off track which is always a good thing as it gets quite boring for me when a crime/thriller novel becomes too predictable. However, I do like it when a novel is unpredictable and I am guessing right and I end up being spot-on, and then I feel good about it.

The novel kept me captivated from the beginning till the very end. Overall, I really enjoyed this novel


4 thoughts on “Faithless by Karin Slaughter

  1. Your last paragraph left me with feelings I’d rather not express. You’ve been reading a few emotionally disturbing book as of late, hey? 🙂

    Your anger against this woman means you’ve lived yourself into the book, which is a good thing. Your last sentence is absolutely true, its a mother’s duty to find out the truth. It’s your responsibility to protect your child. I’ve heard and read so many sad sad stories of grown up women who were abused by step fathers and when asked why they didn’t tell their mothers, they would say they DID. They just weren’t believed…

    • Yes me too and it is real sad…
      LOL, I find it easy to connect to emotionally disturbing storylines. But the reason why I have been reading emotionally disturbing books is purely coincidental. You know me, you know how I choose my books to read 😉

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