Till Death Do Us Part by Gloria Murphy

I remember for most part of this book I was really furious, furious for the character, Dexter King. I actually wanted to stop reading this novel, not because it was crap but because my nerves could not handle it anymore that I had to fight of the urge to go and read the last few pages.

Till death do us part

Angela, the main character, had to endure years of abuse by her husband and had to keep her son save from her husband’s jealous rages as according to him she spend more time with their son than him? Isn’t that a psycho talking? Obviously someone who can say or even think something like that must be really sick in their head.

She then decides to separate from (not divorce) but that does not even help. He comes into her home, rapes her, breaks two of her ribs and burns her study material that Angela was busy preparing for her upcoming exam to graduate as a teacher. Her husband decides to light their son’s diaper with the fire and successfully gets it right. Then while her son recovers in hospital from severe burns, she fights a battle in court, to get a divorce and for her husband to get locked up.

Her husband then gets released on probation for good behavior. Angela finds herself again in court but this time to fight a custody battle. And then luck has to turn against her by getting a judge who also happens to have lost custody of his children.  So you can basically see how things would be turning out for Angela.

I just felt that it was unfair that a guy can fight for custody for his child after her burned the child nearly to death and rape and broke the child’s mother’s ribs. Whether you have served a sentence in prison or whether you paid for your wrong doings or whether you a change person for the better,  I strongly feel that you waive your right as a parent when you tried to kill your own kid because you were jealous that your spouse was given too much attention to the kid. What’s not for you to snap again?

I know the novel is only fictional but I do know of similar real life incidents and how the justice system fails you when you need them at your most and how your “power” can influence the people around you.

I was really tense while reading this novel. Yet again, it might not have been the best ever novel I have read but it was an intense and compelling novel.

Write-Up on the inside of jacket cover:

Angela King is at last putting her past behind her, as the scars from her disastrous marriage to radio DJ Dexter King heal slowly with the help of a good circle of close friends and a challenging new job as a high school teacher. She and her young son, Sam, are safe in the knowledge that Dexter is locked up, serving a long prison sentence for rape and abuse. He can’t touch them.

But her security is cruelly shattered when he is unexpectedly released, let out in the open again, and try as she might, Angela can’t seem to stop him from re-entering their lives.

When she first starts to find a few possessions misplaced in the house, and notices that Dexter appears to know more about their everyday lives than she herself does, she puts it down to paranoia. But when she is served with a summons, ordering her to appear in court in eight days’ time to fight a custody battle; she knows her suspicions were justified.

To Angela’s horror, Dexter seems to be managing slowly but surely to charm his way into the affections of all those around her – her family, friends, Sam’s schoolteachers, even Sam himself. Only Angela knows that he hasn’t changed…that underneath that veneer of charm he’s just ad dangerous as he was five years before.


7 thoughts on “Till Death Do Us Part by Gloria Murphy

  1. Good grief, this sounds like something that would infuriate me too!!!! I also get what you saying about the justice system fails us, especially WOMEN. The fact that his reasoning for abusing his wife is because she pays too much attention to their CHILD is utterly ridiculous. There is obviously something wrong with him.

    The justice system needs to take things into account and stop harping on the “rights of a parent”, these types of parents don’t deserve to have custody of their child. This makes me think about useless initiatives like “Black Friday”. Yes I did partake and dress up in black to show my support for violence against women and children… but what is being DONE!? (OK I am ranting now, but I feel really strongly against domestic violence!!)

    • True what you say in your comment “But what is being done”. I’ve got an upcoming review on a true story I read called Stolen Innocence. It was a huge case in England some years back where a mother, Sally Clark got convicted of murdering her babies which was not the case. Things like this always shock me to the core with utter disbelief.

    • Hi Rebecca 🙂 my apologies for getting back to you now only. I have been away, outdoor camping with family and friends so no internet, cellphones, etc. I was worried about the design (didn’t want it to appear to girly, lol). But it’s awesome to hear your feedback. And it is part of the free theme 🙂
      You can say that again…emotionally gripping…

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