Stolen Innocence – The Story of Sally Clark by John Batt


I remember being so angry and disgusted while reading the court proceedings of Sally’s trial in this book. Who in their right mind convicts an innocent woman of murder when clearly there is no evidence that Sally murdered her babies?  It also makes you wonder how a prosecution got it right to get a conviction based on flakey evidence. You don’t need to be a judge, a prosecutor or a lawyer to see all the evidence that was produced was not supposed to be admissible. That the evidence the prosecution brought forward had no merit and was not even solid as well as some of their witness that was supposed to be professionals.

Sally could not be a part of her third baby, Thomas’s life, as the court ordered Thomas to be taken into foster care and Sally could visit Thomas with her husband for an hour or so a day. I am not a mother but I could feel Sally’s pain and felt her heart broke when her child was taken away from her and how she fought to stay in Thomas’s life.

Sally Clark was falsely convicted on the murder of her babies, Harry and Christopher that she did not commit.  She got a life sentence. Her husband, family, friends, lawyers as well as the author of this true story believed in Sally’s innocence and worked for three and a half years without an income to take her case to appeal. Two appeals were made, the first one failed but the second one freed her due to medical evidence that was deliberately withheld from the defense at the time of the original trial.

The time that Sally spend in prison, she had a very hard time in the beginning as she was constantly abused by other inmates because she was labeled a baby murderer and prisoners do not take it lightly on those who killed babies. Sally had to learn how to be on constant guard and how to protect herself from the other inmates wanting to do her harm. It was a constant struggle for her.

Unfortunately, Sally never recovered from her ordeal in prison and fighting for her innocence that she could not cope in the real world after being released from prison in 2002, she then died four years later from a broken heart and alcohol related illness (she turned to alcohol as she  became depressed and could not cope).

I feel that Sally would have been alive today and Thomas would have grown up with a mother if not for the justice system that failed them so terribly.


4 thoughts on “Stolen Innocence – The Story of Sally Clark by John Batt

  1. I remember when this case was going on and when the evidence finally surfaced and she was released. What a devastating thing to happen. I don’t think I could read this book. It would just make me feel so angry and upset.

    • That’s exactly how I felt, angry and upset. It is really disturbing to read what happened to Sally. Yes, it is sometimes very “difficult” to read these kind of books.

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