I am not my brother’s keeper by Amelia Bradford

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Some people in this world feel that they have a sense of entitlement, that the world owe them everything and they are not responsible or accountable for their own fate. Some people are just lazy to take care of themselves and want to leech of others and their goodwill. And you also get some people that can’t even take care of themselves or anyone else for that matter but keep on making babies because according to them, “someone out there” will feed their children for them as they do not need to take responsibility for their own children if others can do it for them. As such was the case of Amelia’s brother, Adam.

Adam had a very nasty temper and often shows it when things don’t go his way. For a grown man he was irresponsible and selfish. He manipulates the legal system welfare system as well as his relatives and police officers. He also controls his wife and dominates and starves his own children and sees nothing wrong with doing so.

Amelia, fights a long and hard battle with her brother, his emotional abuse towards her and he always shifted the blame on her whenever he needed money or he uses the children and blames her for not giving him money to feed his children. He knows his children are Amelia’s weakness so he uses that to manipulate her. Adam blames everyone but himself for all that goes wrong in his life such as stealing, starving his children, getting into trouble with the law, not wanting to work, etc.

Amelia fights to help to help her nephews and nieces after Adam and his wife gets jailed because of child negligence but the children gets put into foster care and Amelia gets visitation rights. However, the children are so damaged and brain-washed by their parents that some of them are beyond savable and those ones, return to their parents, after the parents gets released from jail.
After Amelia and Adam’s mother passes on, Amelia has to fight another battle with her brother. A day before and the day on the funeral, something very sad and heart-breaking for Amelia happens with her brother (will not mention what happens as I do not want to give away spoilers) that she decides to wash her hands completely off from her brother.

It is sad to see how the selfishness and unethical behaviour of a sibling can “destroy” family (literally and figuratively) and alienate the ones who have always been there for you and how greed for other people’s money can turn you into a vicious person.

I really enjoyed reading this book even though it was actually quite sad.


6 thoughts on “I am not my brother’s keeper by Amelia Bradford

  1. A pet peeve of mine – people with a sense of entitlement and no responsibility! Based on your review it seems the book is an interesting read and incredibly sad too. I would want to read this so it would go to the bottom of my TBR list. Ps: I lost my book “my sisters keeper” 😦

    • You will be able to finish this book in one night as it is quite short. You know this is something the tow of us always discuss from time to time… Omw, really, that i sad. How did you lose your book 😦

    • It is sad and very traumatizing for the children but when parents are like Adam, the last thing they think or care about are their children. I love your “It’s Monday”. You reminded me about a book I forgot about “The house at the end of Hope Street” 🙂

  2. Sometimes a sad book is just what you need to read. I’m currently reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer.

    • True, especially if the story feels more real. My friend said she will borrow me her copy of The Host but I watched the movie about a month ago, not my kinda movie but it wasn’t that bad either so I am not sure if I will read the book but I believe it is a quick read?

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