1st to Die by James Patterson

1st to die

In this novel, we see how the friendship of four women friends gets formed and developed and we then start to form a relationship with them from this point on; Claire Washburn (a medical examiner), Cindy Thomas (crime journalist), Jill Bernhardt (assistant DA) and Lindsay Boxer (homicide detective). The murders in this novel initiate the Women’s Murder Club.

Homicide Inspector, Lindsay Boxer, is trying to stop a killer who has been stalking and killing newlyweds in San Francisco. A psycho begins a killing spree by killing newlywed couples. She is disgusted by the deaths but her determination to find the killer is threatened by her battling a serious illness.

The plot is masterfully constructed and Patterson creates a disturbing conclusion. The writing style is good and it welcomed me as the reader, to join in on the investigation. The novel is fast paced with many twists. Certain chapter are also written from the murderer’s point of view and comes of quite disturbing showing us as the reader the killer’s reaction to his first kill, the killer’s thoughts and explains to us the final minutes of the victims’ lives.

A lot of readers did not like this particular novel, however, I actually enjoyed it. Maybe it is because I did not start with this when I started reading The Women’s Murder Club series so by the time I read 1st to Die, I had an idea of who the characters were, how much they developed at a later stage and how much more interesting the series gets.


The killer had imagined this moment.
This exquisite scene, so many times.
‘Congratulations’ the killer muttered, handing over the champagne. He stared at the man in the open tuxedo shirt with a black tie hanging around his neck.
The groom barely looked at him as he inspected the brightly ribboned box, ‘And card?’ he said, fumbling in his pants pocket for a tip.
‘Only this, sir.’
The killer stepped forward and plunged a knife deeply into the groom’s chest.
‘For the man who has everything’ he said.

This is the first book to the Women’s Club Murder series. If you haven’t read any of my reviews of some of the other books in this series that I reviewed, please check it out:  4th of July, The 6th Target, 7th Heaven, 10th Anniversary.


7 thoughts on “1st to Die by James Patterson

  1. I think I have one of these books that you gave me. Good thing you mention that reading this one first might impact how much you will enjoy it. I know I’ve promised, but I will read James Patterson… one day.

      • I do enjoy thrillers but I haven’t read many crime thrillers (last one was the other child, which I reviewed and told u to consider reading). I’m actually open to any genre except romance, erotica and science fiction 😀

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