Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Redeeming loveSarah was born to a single mother who had an affair with a married man. Unloved by her father but dearly loved by her mother, her mother had to choose between her daughter and her lover. Sarah’s mother chooses her and in the process loses, her home then she turns to her parents for help with little Sarah but unfortunately her father disowned her. She then have to fight of poverty and resorts into prostitution to make ends meet. Sarah’s mom then dies when Sarah is eight and by then Sarah’s mom’s boyfriend, Rab has to take care of her. He then cannot take care of her and sells Sarah into prostitution at the age of eight. Rab was very ignorant so much that he was unaware that he was actually selling Sarah into prostitution.

The years go by Sarah, who now goes by the name of Angel, wishes she could end her life but survives through pure hatred towards men. She expects nothing but betrayal from men.

Michael Hosea is a God-fearing man and first sees Angel when she walks past him on one of her daily routine walks. She is oblivious to everything around her. Then Michael gets a message from God saying to him that Angel is the woman he must marry. Little does Michael know that Angel is a prostitute. He finds out by a friend that Angel is a prostitute and could not understand why God wants him to marry a prostitute but he does not question God’s quest and sets out to woo Angel.

He then starts spending his gold to see Angel at the brothel and tries to soften and woo her but Angel’s heart is unyielding. Then he eventually gets frustrated and gives up on her. But then God sends Michael another message telling him to keep trying. He goes back and finds that Angel has been beaten very badly. He marries her and nurses her back to health.

Angel starts to soften towards Michael but with that she starts to feel unworthy. She could not understand why Michael could love her and why he is so different from the men she used to know. She then runs away but eventually Michael gets her back. But Angel is still feeling unrest. Michael soon learns from God that he should let Angel go, set her free but he could not understand why God made him love this woman, only for him to let her go. In this process, by letting Angel go, she can finally let go of her past and heal and start to believe in God as she has lost faith in Him many years ago, love God and trust in Him. In this way, she can finally accept Michael’s love and love him completely in return and become Sarah again.

Although I have heard of Francine Rivers, I have never read any of her books. Redeeming love is based on The Book of Hosea (in the Hebrew Bible). The story was very emotional, heart-breaking in many ways but yet uplifting. I felt every emotion, feeling and thought process of Michael and Angel/Sarah. I cried at most parts. This is a truly beautiful story. You will definitely feel uplifted after reading this novel.


9 thoughts on “Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

  1. This was my first Francine Rivers book and my best. Her books are based on biblical writings, if you looking for a good read try The Mark of the lion series by Francine Rivers, a good read, got me in tears in all three books. If you want to read about mother\daughter relationships then her 2 books of Marta’s Legacy are 2 excellent books!

    • Thanks Chantal, this was truly a beautiful book. Mel recommended it to me and said you recommended it to her. Thanks for recommending her other novels. Our local library has a couple of Francine Rivers English and Afrikaans novels. Thank you for your recommendations, I will definitely read more of her novels.

      • I enjoyed this book so much! This was my first Francine Rivers read and also one of the first Christian novels I’ve read (normally I read the short story ones for every day)

        I had many emotions reading this – anger, disbelief, sadness and joy. I didn’t cry at the end, I sobbed 🙂
        This book is a definite re-read, however I want to read and discover more of her books first. Chantal recommended 3 others and I will check them out too. Thanks for sharing, my beautiful friend – I’m sure your recommendation will sit well with your other readers! xx

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