The 5th Horseman by James Patterson

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A number of mysterious deaths of seemingly healthy patients are happening at San Francisco Municipal Hospital. After these patients dies, coins get placed on their eyes as if suggesting by the killer that an Angel of Death is responsible for these patients’ deaths. In the meantime, the hospital is being sued in a massive malpractice case and they claiming the deaths are nothing more than tragic mistakes which apparently according to the Head of San Francisco Medical’s ER, can be common to any busy hospital with an overworked and overextended staff. And the hospital administration is determined to shield its reputation at all costs. At the same time, Yuki’s mom is a patient at that very same hospital.

While Yuki, follows the case, Lindsay is busy tackling a case where young women are killed, dressed up in expensive clothing labels and then placed in luxury cars. Yet again, like his other novels, we see two different stories in this novel. The focus, however, is mainly on the hospital story and as a reader, I feel the luxury car serial killer part of the novel does not get enough development but it is quite a good plot and that part of the novel ends very well. Also, in this novel, Yuki’s character really becomes developed and also becomes one of the lead characters. Also, you can see how the characters grow from book to book.

The writing is very clever with lots of twists and turns and the mood throughout the novel is exciting and it kept me on the edge of my seat and I anticipated page after page. As always, with most of Patterson’s novels, this one caught my attention and got me hooked from the get-go. Patterson always has the ability to make you feel like you the main character of the book while reading it.

Even though this is quite a good novel, and the culprit gets caught at the end, I still feel the ending could have been more explosive.

This is the fifth book to the Women’s Club Murder series. If you haven’t read any of my reviews of some of the other books in this series that I reviewed, please check it out:  1st To Die,  4th of July, The 6th Target, 7th Heaven, 10th Anniversary


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