I’m back!!!!

bookshelves and windowseatsSo I am back…or should I say almost back, well kinda. I am gradually creeping back onto the blogging scene but before I post any book reviews (although I have been reading and I got quite a few drafted reviews written up); I want to do the following first:

1.  Catch up on my bestie’s blog by reading all the posts I missed out on and giving valuable comment on the posts. You can catch her on The Book Musings

2. Catch up on my fellow bloggers, by also reading their posts & commenting on the ones I missed out, especially Rebecca’s blog and you can catch her on Love at First Book

So where the Fudge have I been hiding?

Ag, nowhere really far…

Work has started to smooth out (no more  weeknights or weekends, for now, lol).

I will also be performing in my 2nd Baxter Dance Festival which I have been rehearsing for the past 2 months for & perfecting my dance. So here’s a little background about the festival:

The dance festival taking place at the Baxter Theatre is one of Cape Town’s premier dance festivals. The stage will have over 52 productions showcasing dynamic and diverse dance talent of the choreographers and the dancers across the Western Cape. The festival celebrates a rich dance profile history, those who have influenced the dance culture in Cape Town and those who are trying to make their future mark.

Other exciting things

My blog turned one on the 25th of September, which I have yet to celebrate & soon!!!

I have also attended our dance’s school’s first book launch, where there are books; you will most definitely find me there. I wrote up a little review based on the book, which will be my next book review post and I will post some pics I took at the book launch 🙂

I logged into Goodreads and got a friend request from Elizabeth Joy Arnold, none other than the author of The Book of Secrets. I was really super stoked!!! I really want to read Pieces of my sister’s life by Elizabeth. Anyone read this book yet?


4 thoughts on “I’m back!!!!

  1. Welcome back!!!!!

    Happy blogoversary!!! That’s so exciting!!!

    Thank you for the shout out, also!

    And just as a side note. . . remember that your blog is your blog. You can post as often or as little as you want to, and we’ll still be here to read your posts when you’re back! 🙂

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