Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter

Blindsighted - Karin Slaughter

I have read a couple of Slaughter’s novels and I have to say that over time I have fallen in love with her work; her writing style and the emotions she extracts from me as a reader has done the trick.

Blindsighted is down-right brilliant. I can safely say that thus far, it is one of my favourite Karin Slaughter novels. In this novel, we get to see the familiar characters, Sarah Linton, Jeffrey Tolliver and Lena Adams in action once again.

Yet again, the victims are murdered in such horrific ways that makes it so inhumane. I love how the author let us see the victims from the point of view where a medical examiner performs an autopsy.

I was utterly disgusted and angry reading about the murder scenes and what has been done to the victims that I silently prayed for the detective to catch the perpetrator, making me forget that I am actually reading a fictional novel. At some point I cried for a certain part in the novel as it was emotionally heart retching (I am refraining from discussing the part to leave out spoilers!).

The storyline is basically about a serial killer killing helpless females in “crucifixion” style and leaving them “half-alive” to be found and save by doctor and medical examiner, Sarah Linton. But at a stage, this serial killer’s plans don’t fall accordingly and then the killer feels the need to make adjustments to the killings.

As a reader, I then started to wonder what connection the perpetrator has to Sarah Linton. Of all the doctors, why does the serial killer want her to “find” and save the victims?! I have to say, that in no way I could figure out who the killer was but taking note of the smaller details as I read, I eventually figured out who it is (after referring back to previous chapters for clues where I read  about the murders & jotting small things down like some mathematical formula that I have invented, lol).

If you ever decide to pick up a Karin Slaughter novel, this is the one you need to read first.

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2 thoughts on “Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter

  1. Oh gosh, I might not be able to handle that detail about the death. I think that apart from your Karin Slaughter reviews, I have seen a few others which were good. Perfect for someone who enjoys these murder mysteries. I think that I might not pick this one up, but if you can recommend me a Slaughter book that won’t make me cringe…. I might give her a go.

    • Honestly, most of her novels have such in-depth details about the murders. I love all of her novels that I have read thus far as I enjoy murder and crime novels. Maybe you should try reading A Cold Faint Fear first, I think that one is one of her less gruesome novels but it does contain parts that will make you cringe, however, it is so good that I could not put the book down and finish it in one night and when I checked the time, it was the wee hours of the morning. But I think in general, you should give all of the ones I reviewed a go, as hectic as it is.

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