Gideon’s gift by Karen Kingsbury

Gideon's gift - bookshelves and windowseatsThis is a very short but beautiful novel about a little eight year old girl named Gideon who has been diagnosed with cancer with not much time to live.

The Christmas period happens to be Gideon’s favourite holiday. Coming from a poor family, that doesn’t have much, they would make decorations from old newspaper and make hand-make gifts for each other and her parents can only afford to buy her and her brother second-hand toys. This to Gideon is still wonderful. However, Gideon describes her perfect Christmas to her dad as having a huge Christmas tree and a fire truck for her brother. Obviously her dad’s perfect Christmas consist of Gideon being cured from cancer.

Gideon has a heart of gold not once does she think of herself and her own needs. Days before Christmas she helps out at a mission where she serves food to homeless people and tries to make them smile. She gets a liking to a homeless man named Earl but Earl is a very bitter old man and is rude to Gideon as he does not want her to talk to him.

She then decided to buy him a gift and she also prays for Earl, asking God for a miracle for Earl and tells God that that would be her perfect Christmas miracle. But Earl being Earl, he was still rude to Gideon even went she presented him with the gift. On the 22nd of December, Earl decides to open his gift (this was after contemplating to throw it away). The gift changed his life. By this time Gideon has taken ill and needs a bone marrow transplant, they found a matching donor, which is her brother but it will cost the family $25 000 which they don’t have.

We get to learn about Earl’s story. Why he became homeless. How he lost his wife and daughter in a horrific car accident. How he won $2 million in the court case and how he never touched or used that money. Earl learns that Gideon is busy dying and needs money for her transplant. He then donates a generous amount to her and with that makes her Christmas dream come true while she is at the hospital with the help of the Director of the mission.

The story started with Gideon and her wedding ceremony, walking down the aisle with her dad. Then we get taken back to an eight year old Gideon.

The story ends with Earl at Gideon’s wedding reception where he hands her a gift that makes her cry but not out of sadness. The gift represents the friendship between Gideon and Earl the reason that changed both their lives.

This was a very touching novel. Tears welled up in my eyes (if you have been following my reviews, you must know by now that I easily connect emotionally to a story that allows for it). This novel was really worth reading.


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