Can’t let go by Jane Hill

Cab't let go - bookshelves and windowseatsCan’t let go is about a high school teacher in her mid-thirties who fears for her life as she is convinced that someone from her past knows her darkest secret that she has kept hidden for seventeen years. Because of this that she will not date anyone or make friends and changes her lifestyle completely.

Beth starts to get threatening notes that say she’s been watched, that this person knows what she did, calling her a murdering bitch, etc. She then goes into a state of paranoia and this affects her daily life. She feels that she needs to confess but she does not know who to trust. Her new best friend looks like a suspect and so does the guy next door whom she decided to start dating. Who else knows her secret?

The book starts with a scared Beth sitting on a park bench with a threatening note in her hand, contemplating if she should call Danny, her ex and then we get taken back to a few months earlier, showing us events leading to the point where she ends up sitting on the park bench scared with that note. In between, we get taken back to the 18 year old Beth. We get to see how the story unfolds of her “dark secret” that she has been hiding. However, we only find near the end of the book what her dark secret was.

Honestly, I did not like this book. The storyline was not stimulating enough. Maybe it was meant for the young adult? The main character lacks real deep character. She is a weakling and it was appalling to me. I could not relate to her at all. I really found it difficult to get myself into this book.

The good thing about this book was getting to know what her dark secret was but I even found that lacking. I found myself needing a more dramatized happening and was disappointed really.

If it wasn’t for my curiosity to want to know what her secret was then I would have tossed this book aside. But I guess I could have just browsed to the end of the book, skip the rest and see what her secret was. The thing with that is, I hate doing that with books. I only read magazines like that. Check the back, go to the beginning and then end off in the middle.

I recommend that if you are a serious reader, then do give this book a miss.


3 thoughts on “Can’t let go by Jane Hill

    • Thank you for taking time out to comment on my post, it is much appreciated. I seriously didn’t find this novel stimulating enough. But as I said, it might be appealing for the young adult… What books would you recommend I read?

  1. That’s what I do with magazines as well – in fact, I’ve stopped purchasing them over a year ago, because I don’t read them. I’d rather spend my money on books. I guess it was intended for the YA audience, as per your comment. For an avid and sophisticated reader, it’s obvious you require more complex storylines when it comes to your crime or mystery novels. I’ll give this a skip, obviously.

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