8th Confession by James Patterson

8th Confession - bookshelves and windowseats

This is the 8th novel in the Women’s Murder Club Series. This novel was not my ultimate favourite in the Murder Club Series but not that it was bad either.

As usual there are two different cases that need to be solved that is totally unrelated to each other. A series of killing of the rich and famous and the murder of a homeless man nicknamed, Bagman Jesus.

With the murders of the rich and famous, the medical examiner finds no clues from the autopsies that can explain their deaths which is rather strange. And so Lindsay Boxer and Rich Conklin is at a dead end with no lead to run this investigation. Then from a tiny lead, a detective picks up a similarity from a cold case going back to 1982 which helps Boxer and her partner crack the murder of the rich and famous.

The other part of the storyline, Bagman Jesus, the cops are not really interested to solve his murder as homeless people are not high priority when it comes to investigation murder cases. Bagman Jesus was loved by many people and the people could not understand who would want to kill him. But as the story goes along, we find out that this “good” Samaritan have been hiding a dark secret…

So overall, the novel was average and not that thrilling. The ending left me wanting. I just feel Patterson could have given me more in terms of excitement and send me on a rollercoaster thrill the way he normally does. But nothing of such for me…

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2 thoughts on “8th Confession by James Patterson

  1. I have one James Patterson on my kindle, it is “The Beach House”. When I’ve finally read that, I will think of reading some of his other books, especially 7th Heaven. He is a beloved author for a reason, so I have to check out his work. I’m happy that you are reviewing again. Looking forward to more 🙂

    • You should check out his work. I really love his Women’s Murder Club Series, although there were one or two novels in that series that could have been different..But Patterson is an awesome author. I love reading his novels. When you get a chance to read one of his novels, then you should let me know what you think of it.

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