The Corsican brothers by Alexandre Dumas

the-corsican-brothersSo this is my fourth Alexandre Dumas novel I have ever read. The other three, Count of Monte Cristo, The Three Musketeers and The Man in the Iron Mask, I have read when I was a teenager and I really enjoyed them.

I have to say that Dumas writes storylines that is similar in most of his novels; especially in the above novels I mentioned…family, women, betrayal, jealousy, avenge and revenge. With this said, The Corsican Brothers is a short novel is a story based on love, jealousy and a vendetta and the narrator is Dumas himself.

So the story is about twin brothers, Louis and Lucien, who happened to be conjoined at birth, Louis is studying law in Paris and Lucien still lives at home, in Corsica, with their mom. The brothers are identical in appearance but totally different in personality and habits. The special thing about them is that they share a very special uncommon bond with one another even though they live apart. If the one twin gets sick, the other one will feel it as he will also feel unwell. The novel is in two parts, Dumas goes to Corsica to go explore that part of France and request lodging at the home of Madam de Franchi, the mother of Lucien and Louis. So in the first part we spend with Lucien in Corsica and here we learn about a family feud which started with a dispute over chicken (yes I said it, a chicken, how silly) and as silly as the reason for a dispute, it caused many murders amongst the families involved, which Lucien tells Dumas. Before Dumas depart to go back to Paris, Lucien asks Dumas to seek out his brother and give him a letter as he had a nagging feeling about Louis.

The second part of the book we spend time with Louis in Paris and we get to know him a bit better and the life he was leading in Paris. Dumas meet up with him and give him the letter and they become friends. Then something happens in Paris involving Louis that was challenged to a duel by a nobleman that calls Lucien to go there. The night before the duel played off, Louis got a visit from their dead father and he knew what his fate would be. He then writes a letter to his brother and mother and asks Dumas to give it to them as he wants to hide the truth about what happened to him.

But because of the bond between the twins, Louis figured out the truth and goes into a duel seeking vengeance.

Although I feel that The Man in the Iron Mask was a better read, this one lacked no character. And even though it was a light read, it had a great deal of psychological suspense and it was entertaining. If you are a Dumas fan, then please go ahead and read this short novel. You won’t be disappointed. Let me know your thoughts around this novel and what your favourite Dumas novel is.

Thanks for reading xxx


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