Hannah’s Hope by Karen Kingsbury



This book tells us the story of a family who is emotionally detached from one another. From an outsider’s view, Hannah looked like the perfect girl, intelligent, active in extracurricular activities, attends the best school, like she has it all going for her. But Hannah is actually one lonely teenager and lives with her unfeeling grandmother as her parents lives halfway across the world due to their careers and because of it could not have their daughter with them but Hannah’s mom, Carol does long to have her daughter with her.

Carol has it planned to spend the Christmas holidays with Hannah but work gets in the way and then she has to cancel her plans she had with Hannah for the holidays. During the holiday period, Hannah learns a shocking secret that will have a huge impact on Hannah’s life.

Another character gets introduced later in this story that is part of the impact in Hannah’s life. The value of this story is about believing in God and knowing that he loves us and will provide for us that we can turn to God in faith, regardless of what we going through in life.

This was a very short story but a lovely read. I would recommend this book. This is the fourth instalment in Kingsbury Red Glove series. Have you read any of the Read Gloves series? Thanks for reading xxx


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