Don’t let me go by Catherine Ryan Hyde

dont-let-me-goGrace is a ten year old girl who loves her mom very much but the problem is her mom not only just love Grace but drugs too…

Grace and her mom lives in a house made up of flats and the neighbours started noticing something is not right at Grace’s home. Soon Grace becomes friends with her neighbours. Billy, an ex professional dancer is a single man and is scared to go outside as he suffers from anxiety attacks, Mr Lafferty is single man who is hiding a secret from his past and is always rude with the neighbours, Felipe is a Spaniard who has his own issues to deal with, Mrs Hinman is an old lady living by herself with no relatives and Rayleen who is the one who intervenes just before Grace was about to be taken into foster care. Many times Grace is left to take care of herself while her mom is in a “self-induced drug coma” and you can easily see the neglect that has taken on Grace due to her mom’s inability to take care of Grace.

The storyline is about Grace and Rayleen working together to keep her out of foster care with the help of her neighbours and they started to take it into their own hands to take care of Grace in the times her mom was “out of it” which was mostly the case. Felipe would take Grace to school and fetch her, Billy would look after her in the afternoon and teach her to tap dance until Rayleen comes home and she would stay over and sleep by Rayleen, most days. Grace is a very motivated and clever girl for a ten year old despite her circumstances at home. Felipe teaches Grace to speak Spanish and Billy teaches Grace to tap dance, Mr Lafferty sponsors Grace with dance shoes and Mrs Hinman sews Grace new clothing. Before the neighbours became friends with Grace, there was no community spirit, no one bothered with each other, and half of them didn’t even know the other existed. But Grace brings them all together and new friendships get formed.

Then a decision has to be made, which was actually Grace’s idea that her mom was not allowed to see her until she managed to stay 30 days clean, as the days passes Grace misses her mom but also know it is the only way for her mom to sober up and get to understand what it will feel like to lose your only child.

So the question you should ask yourself, Does Grace’s mom sober up or does she lose Grace to the system? Well I guess you will have to read and find out.

This was a very light read and it did have some deep and meaningful parts that one can relate to as it covers real life issues. I really enjoyed the book and my favourite characters were Grace and Billy.

Thanks for reading xxx


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