Sarah’s Song by Karen Kingsbury

sarahs-songSarah Lindeman is an 86 year old woman who lives in a retirement village called Greer Retirement Village. Sarah has a Christmas ritual every year; she decorates a small plastic Christmas tree with twelve handmade paper ornaments, the paper ornaments represent who Sarah is, where she comes from and how a song gave her hope for a chance at love. Sarah tells her story through a song using these ornaments.

One day, the day that Sarah places the first ornament on the tree, one of her nurses, Beth Baldwin, listens from the doorway and Sarah instinctively knew that Beth is the woman that she needs to tell the story involving the 12 ornaments too however painful the story is for Sarah to tell.

Beth is a young mother and nurse and has this sadness about her. Her life is in chaos and she is suffering marital trauma. Beth is on the verge of walking out on her husband as she feels their marriage is broken beyond repair.

Sarah then shares her story with Beth, through tale and song. Sarah has a beautiful story to tell (I don’t want to give away any spoilers by telling you what Sarah’s story was but it was moving). At one point Sarah almost lost everything and everyone that meant the world to her but turn to God in the end. As Beth listened, she realised that the story could have been easily hers as it relates to what Beth is going through in her life at that moment. So every day Beth would go and listen to Sarah’s story unfolding.

Sarah tries to make Beth see that God can redeem any situation and that her own life is living proof of it and Sarah prays that Beth will understand the true gift of love.

This was a beautiful short story. Do you want to know what Sarah’s story is? Please pick up this novel and read it, it will be worth your time.


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