George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl

george's-marvellous-medicineGeorge is an eight year old who wishes to transform his cranky mean old grandma whom he is afraid of from time to time. She orders him around and forces him to eat cabbage when she knows George hates cabbage but the worse thing is, she tries to make George eat bugs and snails with his cabbage.

Then one day while he was left with his mom, George came up with a plan to transform his grandma and that is to make magic medicine because grandma has to drink medicine at a certain time of the day. After choosing careful ingredients, George’s medicine works but not in the way that he expected…

When George’s parents come back from town and saw what George’s marvellous medicine did to grandma, Mr Kranky (George’s dad), he wanted George to make the medicine again because he got an idea that involves his farm animals. But when George got it wrong the second time around, they realise that there was an ingredient missing but they soon realise there’s more ingredients missing and Mr Kranky would make trips up and down to the supermarket in order for George to get the concoction right again.

I borrowed this book from my friend who has a huge Roald Dahl collection. This is a children’s book but I love reading it. I just thought the whole story was hilarious and entertaining. I found myself laughing for the silliness happening in the story.

If you want to know what George put in his medicine, what happened to grandma and the animals and if George gets his concoction right eventually then go ahead and read this book.

Have you read this one? Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading xxx


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