Maggie’s Miracle by Karen Kingsbury

maggies-miracleWhen Megan Wright was fourteen years old, she spent an entire summer holiday with a boy named Kade, whom she fell in love with. But due to circumstances, they went their separate ways.

Years later, after college, Megan married out of convenience and has never found true love like that summer holiday when she was fourteen. Now adult Megan is a high profile attorney and is looking for help for her eight year old son who started becoming depressed and starting slacking in school, after her husband passed away. However, Jordan yearns for the love of a father and having a father figure but Maggie is not looking for a relationship.

Then one day Jordan writes a letter to God asking for a father figure. He asks his mom to post the letter and something tells her to read it. This is when she decides that she wants to help her son not feel so lonely and decides to enrol him in a program called Healing Hearts at the Manhattan Children’s Organisation.

Casey has recently lost his wife and son and is looking for a way to ease the pain. He decides to volunteer at the Manhattan Children’s Organisation as he feels like it will help him get through his pain.

Soon Maggie, Jordan and Casey’s lives get entwined and are destined for a change.

This is a wholesome and inspirational family drama and is enjoyable. The characters seem real and each character has a beautiful story to be told. There is one little twist but I have to say I saw it coming. If you love Kingsbury then give this one a try and if you love and are a fan of the Red Gloves Series, then you will definitely enjoy this one.

Thanks for reading xxx


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