20 months in Hostage Hell by Debbie Calitz

20-months-in-hostage-hellIn this book, Debbie reveals the details of what happened to her and her partner, Bruno while they were in captivity by Somali pirates in October 2010.

While on their way back to Cape Town from Dar es Salaam, the yacht they were on were captured by Somali pirates who held them for ransom. They were held for 20 months in different locations and in this time they were sold to various pirate gangs and these pirates subjected them to untold horrors. Debbie and Bruno were eventually freed in a military operation involving the Italian and Somali transitional government troops in June 2012. The South African government also played a crucial behind the scenes role in securing the release of the couple.

First of all, I found the book lacking a bit of depth of what Debbie and Bruno had to endure to be honest. For me it comes across as if Debbie and Bruno were not treated as badly like other hostage situations that I have heard and read about by the way their experience was conveyed in this book. The part that was very difficult to read and that showed a lot of emotion was when Debbie tells us about when one of the pirates raped her and the most horrific part is, Debbie could not see who her rapist was as it was the intention for her rapist for Debbie not to know. It must have been a very horrific experience that words can describe. I actually forgot I was reading a book and not there because I felt like fighting this guy on behalf of Debbie.

Have you read this one? Please share your thoughts. Thanks for reading xxx


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