Kay Woodword Afrikaans children stories

You probably thought why would I be reading Afrikaans children stories being a grown woman but to put that straight, I was reading it as bedtime stories to my little niece. So how did it come about that I ended up reading these bedtime stories? Let me tell you…

In Cape Town, South Africa, all schools offer Afrikaans as either a first language or second language subject. For my niece, it is her second language and was told by her teacher to read Afrikaans books as part of a literature project. So off to the library we went and she then chose Laventel red die somerdans en Rosie se spesiale geheim. I then asked her what made her chose these two books and she told me that she love fairies (the covers have fairies on them), that the book colours were her favourite (pink and purple) and that it looked interesting for her.

So that evening we had a pyjama party and then it was time for reading, she really loved them and asked a lot of questions. Well I know it was supposed to be her reading project, so the next day, I told her to read the books and whatever she does not understand. She then read and every time she did not understand a word, she would come to me and I would then have to explain what the word meant and what it meant in context.

I wasn’t planning to do reviews on these two books but thought I should. So if you can read and understand Afrikaans and if you have little ones, whether it is your own or not that does too, then this is for you:

laventel-se-somerdansLaventel red die somerdans:

Laventel is a fairy and she is busy preparing for the annual summer dance for all the fairies living in the garden. But then disaster strikes them that might mean that they have to cancel the summer dance. The fairies were looking forward to this annual summer dance almost for a year and are very upset that it might not happen. Laventel and her friends needs to come up with a plan to make sure that the party will go ahead as planned.





rosie-se-spesiale-geheimRosie se spesiale geheim:

Rosie’s house gets destroyed and needs to find a new home asap. She then sets of to find her new home and after a wonderful journey, she finds herself in the Flower Fairy Garden but can’t find a place to stay. The only available spot was a thick bush in the corner of the garden. She then see that thorns grow that side in the bush and realise that it is a neglected rose bush and elves live there and the fairies and elves don’t mix because the elves are always looking for trouble and playing pranks on the fairies. Rosie then rescues the rose bush and restores it to its natural beauty. But does this mean the elves will leave her alone? Or do they want their rose bush back, back to the way it was.


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