Goodness and Mercy by Vanessa Griggs

goodness-and-mercyThe story is based on a central character, Gabrielle Mercedes who is in search for wholeness and wants to restore her soul. Her life was one big series of disappointments from growing up without parents and living with an aunt who treated her badly to where she is currently in her life.

As a teen, Gabrielle loved dancing and one of the neighbours, who happened to witness her aunt’s poor behaviour towards Gabrielle out in their front yard, decided to take Gabrielle under her wings by teaching her how to dance under the pretence that Gabrielle is cleaning her house in the afternoon. But then something happened that ended the private dance lessons.

We then get taken a couple of years later into Gabrielle’s life… , after an incident occurred after work one evening, Gabrielle had a lot of thinking as to how she is living her life. Then out of the blue she got invited to attend a church sermon at Followers of Jesus Worship Center. She loved the sermon and it moves her and decided that it is time to give her life to Christ. Gabrielle also found out that the church has a dance ministry and she decided to “audition” to become a spiritual dancer for the dance ministry. In the first month or so, Gabrielle’s life improved but then not long, her life became one setback after the other, every good thing in her life was counterbalanced by something bad and Gabrielle had to make a decision whether to return to her old life as it was the easy way out or realise that the devil was trying to get to her and hold onto her faith, trust and belief in God.

Even though it is a fictional story, I loved the fact that the storyline gave a realistic description of what really happens in church amongst worshippers, it tells us that not everyone who attends church is there for a greater purpose in life. Also the characters were very realistic and each one of them had a story that fed well with each other’s characters and stories.

This is my Vanessa Griggs novel I have read. This was a light read but a good one. And I would definitely pick up another to read. I definitely want to read Ray of Hope, The Other Side of Divine, The Other Side of Divine and a few others.

Anyone read any of Griggs? If you did, let me know your recommendations are or just drop your thoughts or comments in the comment box.

Thanks for reading xxx


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