Public places I like to read and not read in

We all have that favourite public spots we gravitate towards when it comes to where we like to read. I am very particular in where I read. I mostly love quiet spaces where it is tranquil and chilled and where I can easily immerse myself into a good book and forget about everything that is happening around me but then again this depends on the environment for me as well as how one perceives quiet spaces.




I can easily go to one of the city’s parks with a novel and park myself on a bench or lay on the grass underneath an oak tree and get lost in the storyline of the current novel I am reading. And that to me can be pure bliss. And even though parks can get noisy at times, the noise never bothered me. It always has the right amount of sun, shade and noise.


I know the main objective of going to the beach is to go swim but for some reason I always end up reading more than swimming. The sound of lapping waves and people’s laughter and the aura of happiness on the beach just gets me in that mood to lay back on the sand underneath my beach umbrella and read. Priceless happiness.


Aaah, I really can’t resist reading in a packed train or bus even with all the shouting and blaring music happening around me. A good novel always make such trips/rides bearable.

Do not like:


Wait, what you may ask but for real, I hate reading in libraries. Libraries have been a very integral part of my childhood, very cherished memories took place in our local library for me. But this is just one place I can’t find myself reading in. However, I can find myself browsing for nearly five hours through the shelves. And even though I like quiet places this is one of those quiet places I do not like to read in but as I said, depending on the environment and how you define quiet for yourself. I can say this though, I dread having to leave such a wonderful place and get back to my daily business.


Similar to a library, bookstores represent the same thing for me. And funny enough, this is a spot that lots of reading gets associated with but I really can’t seem to get myself to read in such an environment.


So tell me, what public places do you love to read in and why do you love reading there?


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