Goodness and Mercy by Vanessa Griggs

The story is based on a central character, Gabrielle Mercedes who is in search for wholeness and wants to restore her soul. Her life was one big series of disappointments from growing up without parents and living with an aunt … Continue reading

Maggie’s Miracle by Karen Kingsbury

When Megan Wright was fourteen years old, she spent an entire summer holiday with a boy named Kade, whom she fell in love with. But due to circumstances, they went their separate ways. Years later, after college, Megan married out … Continue reading

Sarah’s Song by Karen Kingsbury

Sarah Lindeman is an 86 year old woman who lives in a retirement village called Greer Retirement Village. Sarah has a Christmas ritual every year; she decorates a small plastic Christmas tree with twelve handmade paper ornaments, the paper ornaments … Continue reading

Daisy Chain by Mary E. DeMuth

The story is about family dysfunction, hidden secrets, friendships, sorrow and God’s redemption. In 1973, in a small town, Defiance – Texas, Daisy Chan abruptly disappears. Jed blames himself for the disappearance of Daisy Chance, who happened to be his … Continue reading