The Story Behind…

I hold a certain fascination with bookshelves and window seats that tie directly into my love for reading and my ill attempt to resist the escapism that books offer. And then once upon a time you meet someone who feels the same way …

After many instances of superficial small talk, which we so often do when we try and get to know a new person, I blurted out a totally random question: “So, do you read?” Most of the time this question is brought up by book worms just so they can obsess out loud and talk endlessly much to everyone else’s annoyance about what book they currently reading and why they love to read. This I can pretty much say about anything anyone is fanatic about, whether it’s reading, beauty, fashion, healthy eating habits and so the list goes on. {Don’t you just find it super annoying when you just about to bite into a really yummy cheeseburger you’ve been craving all week for, just so some health conscious a**hole at work can point out just how unhealthy it is for you… and you think ‘I’m like so not hungry anymore’}.

Why do we ask that question? Here’s why – you either looking for someone who shares that interest or maybe you just want to get rid of them. Regardless – I asked that question… and guess what the answer was? “Omg I love to read, I finished reading all the books in our public library before I turned 12!” (Good gawd! What did I get myself into!!)

Needless to say we talked endlessly about our favourite books, made book recommendations to each other, exchange numbers and before we knew it we were reading those books and discussing them at class, over dinner and sometimes the occasional drunken slightly tipsy discussion rambling about how I wish I had a vampire boyfriend like Edward Cullen, how one of us almost resembles Lisbeth Salander and having lustful fantasies about a man looking like a Greek god reading poetry to us with the same story telling ability as Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

Until the day I said “you know, one day I want a mini library in my house”. Bookshelves stacked upon the walls, all my books sorted by genre: fiction, adult fiction, young adult fiction etc. A pretty window seat decorated with scatter cushions and beautifully draping curtains while being surrounded by books, the smell of books, burning scented candles and the beautiful view outside to contribute to the ambience and quietness of my alone time and my nose in a book. The winter rain dripping outside and against the windowpane bringing that calmness that is most often required when you escape into the magical word of fiction. Turns out we both want the same thing 🙂

So when my friend asked me to be a contributing editor/author on this book blog, I was not at all surprised when the name had something to do with bookshelves or window seats. So I guess from here onwards, until further notice we will be building our little ‘virtual bookshelf’.

PS: We’ll keep the window seats for later, if that’s alright with you 😉

(The top section was written by Mel when she was co-author on B&W, now author/owner of The Book Musings )

So now it is time to add a little paragraph to this page, honestly, I was about to change or tweak this page in particular but then the thought came to me that I should actually just add what I am about to say now.

History can’t be changed or re-written; we can only predict and then determine our own future so with this said, I will say that no matter how much I will try to tweak this page, I can’t! History has been written… and so this is the true story of the existence of B&W.

So my best friend and co-author and editor of B&W decided after careful consideration that it is time to separate our book reviews and create identities for ourselves. In other words, Mel decided to open up her own book blog. At first I was taken aback mainly because she has become such an integral part of B&W that I felt a great sadness letting her go but I really understand where she is coming from and I really do want to support her.  So after lots of fighting (on my side mostly) and tears and trying to keep on to her, not wanting to let her go, I have decided to let her go.


Celeste xxx


8 thoughts on “The Story Behind…

    • Pleasure, it didn’t seem appropriate to change your bit of the story and that’s why I added my piece. As it is quite true. I can’t wait for you to start posting your reviews so I can start commenting on your blog 🙂

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