While My Sister Sleeps by Barbara Delinsky

while-my-sister-sleepsThe story is about the Snow family and explores a family in their crisis. Molly is the youngest of three siblings (she has an older sister, Robin and brother, Chris). Molly always felt overshadowed by her sister as her sister is a star marathoner preparing for the Olympics so Molly and the rest of the family’s lives evolved around Robin’s scheduled. Then one fatal morning when Robin was out, training, tragic strikes and she goes into a coma.

During the time Robin is in a coma, we learn about a family secret and a secret that Robin has discovered as well as how Robin was really feeling about her life, especially her life as a star through Robin’s journal entries. We also learn that Molly was carrying around guilt for not being there for her sister on that awful morning as she always goes out with Robin when she trains and was originally supposed to keep track of Robin’s progress in training.

The Snow family soon learn that Robin’s situation is grim as she fails to regain consciousness. And the family soon learns that a decision needs to be made about Robin’s life and with this Molly also rediscovers herself in the process.

To be honest, I felt a bit removed from the characters but the storyline’s heartstrings-pulling premise and the complicated family relationship amongst the Snow family gave the storyline a genuine poignancy.

This is a very beautiful novel, if you are a Jodi Picoult fan, then you would definitely want to read this one.



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